Friday’s email to friends & family in the US

To my dearest friends and family,

I just want to let you know that I am okay, and communicate what I’m feeling. I went camping last night with some friends in the hills of Jerusalem. It was beautiful, and serene, and surreal to be away from the news for a few hours. We headed out just as rumors about rockets in Tel Aviv were flying, and everything just seemed… up in the air. We decided to go anyway, enjoying the peace and quiet, though it was punctuated by military aircraft overhead as the night went on.

Some of you have asked what you can do from there. I am not sure what to tell you at the moment about practical ways to help, but will keep you updated if you’d like. But here’s what we could really use: your attention, your support, and your words. I’ve had one friend email me just to let me know that her thoughts were here… one. Yes, I am thank God safe in Yerushalayim, and yes, I left work early yesterday so was not in Tel Aviv when the siren went off. [As I am writing this, a rocket just hit Tel Aviv. No one was injured]. But my country is under attack. YOUR country is under attack. Are you thoughts here? Are your minds here? I am counting down the minutes to Shabbat because I am dreading the moment I have to turn off the radio.

So here’s what you can do: tune in to Israeli radio, just for an hour. Do it now, before Shabbat. Align your thoughts for one hour with everyone here – we are glued to the news. You can listen to galgalatz by clicking on the top left icon on this page:

As a warning, here’s what you should expect to hear:

*Random songs (as always) all requested by residents of the south
*Interruptions during songs announcing a “צבע אדום” (siren) in different areas as they occur [these have thank God been less frequent in the last few hours].
*Information on road closures due to rocket attacks
*Reminders of what to do in case of a siren
*Some good old PSAs about safe driving
*And of course, news on the hour

One last note – if you are only reading the news in English, you may have missed that operation “Pillar of Defense” is actually עמוד ענן in Hebrew; that is, the cloud that God provided us as protection in the desert. Let’s pray for God’s continued protection, and for the safety of our soldiers, the citizens of the south, and all of עם ישראל.

I hope I did not offend anyone with this email. Wishing everyone a peaceful Shabbat.

Shabbat shalom,


One thought on “Friday’s email to friends & family in the US

  1. Ariel, I am thinking about you and praying for your and everyone’s safety. I appreciate you filling us in with what is going on, just know I have you and others in my thoughts and prayers.
    Carol G.

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