All Quiet on the Northwestern Front

Second rocket-free day in Tel Aviv. Thanks, Hamas! There are talks of a ceasefire now (welcome, Hil) and while I’m not convinced that this is in our best interest, I can definitely get on board with a few of the things it would bring:

1. A reprieve for the people in the South. The barrage of rockets today absolutely took my breath away. They deserve a break.

2. The ability to turn off the radio for a little while. 24 hours of no Heal the World! A chance to play my new CD mix! (Yes, you read that correctly). A break from instructions of what to do in case of a siren, for those who have been living under a rock!

3. A chance for someone to build an Iron Dome for Jerusalem… Genius scientists, are you listening?

Hoping for a quieter day tomorrow.


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