Buenos Aires

BsAs, I will be back. I arrived after Yom Kippur, stayed for a week, and loved it all, despite the 4 days straight of rain (and the first rain I had in my entire trip). 

I spent the days walking around the city, looking at gorgeous architecture from a time when Argentina had incredible wealth, and built their cemeteries to show it. I walked from monuments in plazas to sculpture gardens to parks filled with picnickers. 

The Jewish community in BsAs was incredible. On Shabbat, I went to two different shuls and was hosted by local couples who I was introduced to via friends in Israel. Their hospitality was unparalleled, and I found myself having to reject invitations as they poured in. By coincidence, I booked a hostel a block away from the local Chabad, and so I ate there the first night of Sukkot. We sat and sang and carried conversations in some mix of Spanish/English/Hebrew/French. I walked to a beautiful Sefaradi shul on chag morning, which was followed by a community lunch in their enormous sukkah. It was perfect. 

Also, there are so many kosher restaurants. I fit in as many as possible – steak, sushi, bagels, pizza, ice cream…. However, I had a hard time finding kosher wine. The South American Jewish community does not seem to be particularly interested in wine, which is a definite stain on their record. 

Motzei chag I found myself at a tango class, where I lamented the distance between myself and my heels (only 7500 miles…) Though I was the only beginner, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. 

I also finally got around to planning the last part of my trip, 2 days in Patagonia, and after nearly a week in the warm, energetic, crazy city that is Buenos Aires, I headed to southern Argentina. 


One thought on “Buenos Aires

  1. Ariel, wonderful stories and photos!! Thanks for keeping up with the blog! It’s a delight to follow you. Can’t wait to see you in a few weeks! Love, Doda Diane

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