Last year, Janglo presented something called the 40 Days 4 Israel Challenge: to go 40 days – leading up to Tisha b’Av – without speaking badly about Israel. They chose this time because it is the period that the meraglim scoped out Israel before coming back and speaking badly about the land; and as they say, the rest is history. Participating in 40Days4Israel is a way to negate the action of the spies.

When I heard about this last year I thought it was a great idea, and joined the challenge. While it’s easy to find amazing, unique, and special things about Israel, it’s a lot harder to refrain from talking about the negatives – and to be clear, this means I didn’t say anything negative about living here AT ALL, even to my mother.

This turned out to be a remarkably rewarding challenge, and literally changed the way I went through my daily life. When it was done, I thought I might even continue it ad infinitum (hahahahaha, right?)  I’m really excited to be starting again; and this year we’ve created a Facebook group in the hopes that more people will take this challenge upon themselves.

And so, without further ado… here I go!